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All You Need to Know About LG Chem Compatible Inverters

Author: Amy Hambleton
January 17, 2019
The ongoing trend in the solar industry of Australia is to move towards the grid-tied with battery backup market, and there are many solutions to install a PV system with those characteristics.

However, some of those solutions such as LG Chem which is definitely in the top 5 of most remarkable solar batteries, deserve an honourable place in the solar industry.


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Designed with Lithium-ion technology and with a large range of options for different markets.

LG Chem grid-scale solutions offer amazing features at grid-scale, such as peak shifting, frequency regulation, ancillary services and stabilisation of renewable energy sources into the grid.

For the residential and commercial sector, LG Chem has a product lineup of Lithium-ion DC batteries in two modalities: 48 V and 400 V.

48 V solutions are more extensive and are compatible with multiple inverters in the industry.

400 V solutions look forward to the innovation in the industry with higher voltage batteries that can be similar to PV array voltages and maximise energy efficiency.



In the 48 V product line-up, we have the RESU 3.3 kWh model, RESU 6.5 kWh, RESU 9.8 kWh and RESU 13.1 kWh.



For the 400 V product line there are mainly two options available: RESU7H and RESU10H.

To take a look at further information related to LG Chem RESU solar battery you can check this article: Battery Review: The LG Chem RESU


LG Chem Compatible Inverters


1. Fronius Inverters & LG Chem

This company from Austria is one of the top quality options that can be mixed with RESU models.

Fronius has a single inverter model suitable for integration with energy storage which is known as the Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter.

This hybrid inverter integrates the energy produced by the solar array and performs the energy balance required to supply the load, to direct the excess energy to the battery and when completely charged, send the excess solar energy to the grid.

The model is integrated with Dynamic Peak Manager and Smart Grid Ready features as are all other inverters from the brand.

There are 3 available sizes with the following AC power outputs: 3kW, 4kW and 5kW.

Each of them can be mixed with 5W, 6.5 kW and 8kW PV systems respectively.

The inverter is only guaranteed to be compatible with the Fronius Energy Storage Solution, LG Chem, and BYD batteries, therefore it is quite exclusive.

However, it is important to know that the inverter is only compatible with RESU7H (7kWh) and RESU10H (9.8kWh) models since the Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter works on 400 V outputs.


2. Sungrow Inverters & LG Chem

A Chinese giant of the solar industry with an amazing repertory of available options for the grid-scale, commercial and residential sectors.

The most remarkable options of the brand are the SH3K6 (3.6kW AC and 6.5 kW DC), SH4K6 (4.6 kW AC and 6.5 kW DC) and SH5K-20 (5 kW AC and 6.5 kW DC) solutions.

Inverters from this brand are known for their quality and standards.

They are integrated with features like energy trading, external Energy Management Systems and monitoring via smartphone.

All hybrid inverters from Sungrow only work with 48 V batteries, therefore they are only compatible with the 48 V series model from LG Chem.


3. SMA Inverters & LG Chem

This brand does not need an introduction.

The German brand is a leader in the inverter sector and they could not be left out from this list.

SMA offers several solutions for the grid-tied with battery backup market.

Maybe the simplest one of them is the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5.

A battery based inverter solution intended for the residential sector, compatible with high voltage lithium-ion batteries and with 97% efficiency.

The main difference with previous options is that this inverter can only be used in an AC-coupled solution.

In other words, it needs another grid-tied inverter from SMA (like Sunny Boy) to perform the MPP tracking of the solar array.

Using the AC power output of the grid-tied inverter, the Sunny Boy Storage can charge the batteries with the excess energy that is not used to supply critical loads.

As you can imagine, this inverter is only compatible with RESU7H and RESU10H versions because it works with high voltages up to 500V.

There are other versions available for the Sunny Boy Storage as you can see here, with capacities of 3.7 kW, 5 kW, and 6kW.

SMA also offers another battery-based inverter option that can be integrated with the 48 V series of LG Chem, known as the Sunny Island, available at 3kW and 4.4 kW AC.


There you have it!

The most remarkable inverter solutions compatible with LG Chem products and with the Australian frequency of the grid to cover your energy storage needs for backup or self-consumption purposes.

Instyle Solar offers all of these choices for you and will implement the SMA products starting in 2019!

So get ready to install your home energy storage with an LG Chem RESU model!

Next Step

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Or talk to an Instyle Solar expert about the best solutions for home energy storage or PV-panels.

Otherwise, head back to the solar blog to find even more great educational content.

Photo credit: Cleantechnica
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